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Rules For Darshan
Darshan rules for Pilgrims expected to follow
  • Pilgrims should maintain peace at the temple premises, don’t quarrel or abuse.  
  • Maintain cleanliness in the premises don’t litter here and there.  
  • Don’t give money to the beggars it increases problem.  
  • Help to maintain order, follow instructions given by the Policemen, volunteers and authorities.  
  • Don’t submit water, milk or other things on deity when prohibited.  
  • Maintain queue for darshan, be patient don’t create unnecessary pressure on others.  
  • Follow Pujan rules and procedures as directed by Purohitas and Pandits.  
  Timings for Darshan  
  Darshan timings are given in the Pujan schedules please follow timings.  
  Special Darshan Facility  
  A special darshan gate is established in the temple premises, for this type of darshan please take tickets from the counter.  
  For very elderly or physically disabled devotees who face problems in normal darshan, permission for special darshan is also provided. For this contact any trust officials or authorities.